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Reach your goals faster and with ease, using our one-of-a-kind, interactive Online Wealth Coach; designed to accelerate your money journey with our insider wealth secrets, resources, quizzes and life-changing worksheets. 

12 Money Modules

From goal setting to property, shares and retiring, we cover everything you need for a lifetime of money success.

Your Own Pace

Breeze through one topic per week or set your own pace and go through the modules on your own time.

Result-Proven Money Strategies

50+ practical insider money tips, curatable for any life stage to accelerate your wealth and life.

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I​t’s time to regain control, to feel empowered and passionate about your financial future – all with the help of Australia’s first platform covering every money topic, in an interactive and easy-to-digest format.

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A Sneak Peek at the Online Wealth Coach

Who can accelerate their money journey?


You are just starting to learn about personal finance and money management.


You have mastered savings and budgeting but looking to maximise investing and super.


You are wanting to accelerate your current wealth strategies while protecting your future.

Where we thought our bad debt was stopping our goals of having our own property, the Online Wealth Coach platform made them achievable and very possible. We have now bought our first home! The knowledge within the platform is nothing short of exceptional.

– Connie
Module 3 – Goodbye Bad Debt

12 Comprehensive Money Modules
Included In Your Course

Module 01

Get insight into the next 12 weeks and get access to your Wealth Bundle.


Research shows that 83% of those who invest in their money knowledge have a 9/10 chance of thriving in their financial future.

Module 02
Financial Goal Setting

Take your financial dreams and filter them down into actionable steps.


Our financial goal-setting method has helped over 500 members reach and exceed their money goals. They have reported feeling better about their finances after just one year.

Module 03
Goodbye Bad Debt

Say goodbye to bad debt. Learn our easy debt management tips and tricks.


Our budgeting module has helped members save on interest, reduce debt in as short as 6 months and pay off all bad debt in 10 years.

Module 04
Master Your Savings

Become a super saver using our 6-step easy and practical guide.


Reviewing goals, money values and lifestyle choices has helped members save between $100-$1,000 per week in as short as 1 week.

Module 05
Investment Fundamentals

Master the art of investing from your mindset to compounding and diversification.


78% of members STARTED the module with confusion about how to invest. 99% of members FINISHED the module feeling comfortable and passionate about boosting their investments, and diversifying their portfolios.

Module 06
Share Investment 101

Learn about the basic and more complex topics of share investing.


Our share module has seen 300 members start and build their share portfolios creating on average an extra $500 in dividend payments.

Module 07
Property Investment 101

Get clear on when, where and how to invest successfully in property.


Our property investment module has helped over 100 members start or develop their investment property portfolios.

Module 08
Plan For Those What Ifs

This module will require you to pause and reflect on the ‘what ifs’.


Members saved on average $2,750 on their insurances after personalising this module. They have reported feeling clear and confident by protecting what matters to them.

Module 09
Get Clear on Superannuation

We cover SMSF vs regular funds and our tips for growing your super.


Before module: 88% of our members felt lost about their super and inundated with multiple accounts and fees. After module: 97% of members have saved over $1,000, on average, in super fees and have all grown their super account balances with our insider growth tips and tricks.

Module 10
Retirement Planning

Looking to retire on your own terms – when you want and how you want?


All of our members have voted, that this module has boosted their retirement confidence allowing them to retire when and how they want. 53% of votes, said it helped them secure, on an average, $80,000 per annum income in retirement.

Module 11
Estate Planning Must-Knows

Plan now, your loved ones with thank you later. We cover estate planning must-knows.


Research shows that ONLY 24.5% of Australians have an up to date Will. Our estate planning module instils confidence and the know-how for you to protect you, your loved ones and your assets. For some of our users, this has saved their beneficiaries $45,000 in unnecessary tax.

Module 12
What next ... ?

We take you through how Financial Planning may be able to assist you. 


After the completion of the 12 modules, 99% of members vote they have been able to master their money, 95% have saved more than $1,000+ already and 94% report feeling confident and empowered with their money.

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Hey Dear Wealther,

It’s so nice to have you here, thank you for joining and being a part of the Master Your Money | Online Wealth Coach movement.


I’m Anabel, the Director and lead Adviser at Hello Wealth, a modern, compassionate and future-focused Financial Planning firm based right here, in Australia. 

Master Your Money | Online Wealth Coach was designed for a few important reasons:

We designed this online wealth coach for everyonewith you, your goals, aspirations and your future in mind.


This is therefore, the only online platform that goes deep into Financial Planning concepts in which you can take action in your own time, in your own way.  


I’m excited for you to start this journey and I look forward to staying in the loop together in our very own private Facebook Wealthers Community (join here).

It’s time to regain control, to feel empowered and passionate about money so you can feel empowered and passionate about your life, your future.